Audio Production

By Logicom™

Professional Sound Recording Studio

Located in Willen, we are the longest running commercial studio in Milton Keynes
With over 25 years experience and a reputation for excellence, we’ve provided audio production services for many businesses.
The facilities consists of 5 main areas…
The Live Room
Measuring 16ft by 21ft and 10ft at it’s highest, the live room was re-designed in march 2007.  The room within a room construction keeps the noise from the outside world to a minimum which is a critical requirement for controlled recording.  The walls are thickly insulated and covered with hessian in contrast to the wood floor and hard ceiling, providing several usable areas with different acoustic qualities.  There are loading bay doors, straight from the carpark and 2 internal glass sliding doors leading to the control room.
The Control Room
The asymmetrical design of the control room reduces standing waves to provide a neutral environment for listening.  The Control Room is where we work on audio and video projects.  The setup consists of Tannoy Super Red mains and Yamaha NS10 near-field monitors, running on H&H and Cambridge Audio amplifiers from the Yamaha DM2000 Mixing console.  To help make sure sessions go smoothly we have Apple Mac and Windows PCs with various applications, monitoring and talkback.  We have a dedicated ISDN line and a Mayah codec for working with voice artists and other studios nationally and internationally.  There are multiple analogue tie-lines on the patch bay, connecting the control room to the live room, the voice booth and the studio lounge.
The Voice Booth
Isolated in the heart of the building and insulated with sound absorbing materials, the Voice Booth is a ‘dead’ quiet space, yet comfortable for voice artists to read scripts and provide narrations for hours.
The Studio Lounge
Comfortable couches, plenty of natural light and tea & coffee making facilities makes the studio lounge a pleasant place to sit and discuss work, or simply take a break during long sessions.

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