The Brief:

UK specialist engineering company Welin Lambie was commissioned by the US Coast Guard to design and produce the heavy lifting equipment (‘davits’) needed to launch lifeboats from larger vessels.

The final deliverable was an interactive training programme – needed to explain to Coastguard engineers, in detail, the maintenance procedures required.

Logicom won the contract to devise and build the training programme – and to create all the 3D resources needed to bring the procedures to life.

Our Solution:

We started by defining the needs of those who would be using the programme. Some would be trainees; some highly experienced senior engineers. Some would need end-to-end explanations; others a quick refresher course on a single maintenance procedure.

That information helped us tailor the structure and functionality. The prime objective was to ensure every user could find the information they needed intuitively and quickly.

We created a series of 3D models to provide accurate visual references – many controllable by the user. These ranged from the whole davit assembly to a raft of highly detailed models, each focusing on a particular section of the equipment that would need to be maintained.

The completed ‘Davit Trainer’ programme provides an informative, content-rich, fully-interactive experience for every user. It gives access to an animated 3D video overview of the whole davit; an animated safety explanation and many individual 3D ‘maintenance procedure’ models – each zoomable, rotatable and with every component detailed.

Hovering over a component in a detailed model identifies it and reveals its part number. Selecting a task within the related maintenance procedure highlights the part involved and shows an animation of its removal for maintenance. Any parts identified as needing replacement are placed in a virtual ‘parts bin’ within the programme, which compiles a printable parts list to accompany a replenishment order. And, to complete the outstanding functionality, our programme even provides a list of the tools needed to carry out each procedure!